Designing of the sewage and sewer wells

Customer: NAWELL Company - manufacturer of the plastic wells for municipal services, road infrastructure and industry.

InfoSAPR developed an application for AutoCAD which speeds up the designing process of the sewage and sewer wells twice or threefold. Below you’ll find description of the program.

Application uploading

User must open the AutoCAD and upload *.arx file into the AutoCAD by the command "appload". After uploading user sees additional toolbar, actually it’s only one button.

Uploading AutoCAD Plugin into the AutoCAD

Upload the Application into the AutoCAD

Working process

Working process is very simple in the plugin and if you understand sewer and sewage wells design process, so you will get the drawing and specification very quickly.

When the user presses on the button , the user gets only one window with various settings and preview window on the left. Despite simple view of the window there’s intelligent algorithm in the program.

Start Window of the AutoCAD Add On

Start Window of the AutoCAD Add On

First, the user must set well height in millimeters according to the task and choose the well diameter from the four variants: D1000 mm, D1500 mm, D1000mmSVT, D1500mmSVT. Relating to selected diameter and the well height, program builds the well automatically!

Customization AutoCAD - Program for designing plastic sewage and sewer wells   Plugin for AutoCAD - Program for designing plastic sewage and sewer wells     

Automatically Built Well D1500 SVT                                        Automatically Built Well D1000

In the preview window the user sees the future drawing and below of the window the user sees the notice about well height. Program reports is it enough height or not.

Of course, the designer must set special parameters for the future well which depend on environment. Various parameters also help designer to get the right well height.

On the picture below user added hatches, foundation rings, the upper foundation slab, thickness of the concrete layer, inside additional weight, etc. and he got necessary height after this actions.


Automatically Built Well D1000. Incorrect.                                 Automatically Built Well D1000. Correct.

Inlet pipes and discharge pipe

Second step is creating inlet pipes and discharge pipe. Discharge pipe may be only single and there may be several inlet pipes. User must choose type and diameter of discharge pipe and create inlet pipes from the list proposed by the program. Program also finds appropriate tray from inlet pipes to discharge pipe.

Window for Creating Inlet Pipes and Discharge Pipe - Add on for AutocAD

         Window for Creating Inlet Pipes and Discharge Pipe

Drawing and specification

When the user is sure that he finished designing of the well, he must press “Next” button. After pressing he gets drawing and specification based on special company template automatically.

Automatic Specification - Add on for AutoCAD

Specification Ful Screen and Magnified

Magnified Table Header

Magnified Specification