Library of lighting devices and fixtures for Autodesk Revit

Customer: IEK Group (

The project was a one of many stages in which InfoSAPR has developed Revit families for all equipment of IEK Holding Company.


List of 3D models include

  • Metal and polymer fixtures
  • Fixtures with motion detector
  • LED fixtures
  • Luminescent light tubs

Lightning of offices

  • Under Cabinet LEDs
  • Rectangle and circle LED panels
  • Induction fixtures

Industrial lightning

  • Induction fixtures
  • LED fixtures
  • Fixtures for luminescent light tubs

Architectural and Street & Roadway Lighting Fixtures

  • LED floodlights
  • Metal halide floodlights

Exit and emergency lighting

  • LED fixtures DPA
  • Evacuation fixtures SSA
  • Emergency power unit

Portable lighting

  • Battery LED lamps DBA
  • Battery lamps LBA
  • Battery lamps LBA
  • Portable fixtures with luminescent light tubs
  • Portable fixtures with filament lamp

Control systems

  • Infrared motion detectors
  • Microwave motion detectors
  • Photo relay


  • Fasteners
  • Starters

Each fixture is set description and photometric features:


Also each fixture has attached *.ies file containing lightning technical characteristics. That allows user to identify illumination in each point.

Photometric features:
Also each 3D model has attached scheme symbol according to GOST  21.210-2014. scheme symbol is shown when user switches to low detailing .